3. Innovation in cartels landscape

This session will be video recorded and made available on the Conference App after the event

Cartels, “the supreme evil of antitrust”, are the most fundamental threat to competition. Prosecuting cartel offences – and deterring the formation of cartels and the activities of cartelists – continues to be the highest priority for the European Commission and National Competition Authorities. In this session we will discuss:

  • Recent EU developments and priorities for the next year at the European Commission, NCAs and from the perspective of EU Courts
  • Boundaries between permissible cooperation and impermissible cartel conduct in light of the recent EU decisions in the car emissions cartel, algorithmic cartels and wage fixing cartels.
  • The continued effectiveness of leniency programs and scope for reform.

Sponsor: Advant Law

Track: Lead the Law
Date: Monday 17 Apr 2023 Time: 11:15 - 12:15 Level: A


Alessio Aresu Luca Toffoletti Stacey Van Hooven Jacob Westin