Speaker biographies will be made available as and when received.

If you have been invited to participate as a speaker at the 2023 ACC Europe Annual Conference and you have any queries relating to your participation or registration please contact acceurope@judylaneics.com

Monday 17 Apr

1: Building bridges: In-house counsel at the cross-roads of a rapidly changing world

2: Law Lab - The art of beautiful thinking & decision-making for the co-creation of a beautiful world

3: Innovation in cartels landscape

4: Crisis management: everything’s on fire all of the time (how to stop that from happening)

5: Committing to net zero and now what?

6: Law Lab - The crazytivity workshop

7: Legal professional privilege – Building bridges in Europe 

8: Enabling the business as a strategic partner

9: The journey to the top spot: Building your in-house career

10: The vital art of successful persuasion

11: How to contract in a “VUCA” world

12: Repurposing teams to meet growing demands

13: Law Lab - Best practices to embrace employee views

14: ACC Bitesize

Tuesday 18 Apr

15: Boost your resilience

16: Roundtable - Creating a successful strategic plan for your legal department or team: building bridges with your CFO/CEO

17: Law Lab - EU Fit for the Digital Age – What digital regulations to expect and how can legal teams prepare their organisations for an efficient implementation?

18: Roundtable - New to in-house – 5 things I wish I’d known before starting an in-house role

19: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Walking the Talk

20: How can an in-house counsel survive in the technology whirlwind

21: Law Lab: From legal ops to business enabling ops

22: Cyber-attacks and the associated risks to personal data are a rising and alarming trend. How can an in-house counsel protect the organisation from this?

23: Law Lab - Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

24: Advocacy in Europe: opportunities and pitfalls

25: ESG and Sustainability: “Carving out an active role in ESG” 

26: Know the business of the company (the product)

27: How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?